Kitika (cirysstar) wrote,

your the angel of death and sorrow your evil and
know it your strong but do everything wrong.
its a known fact but you do protect and cherish
those close to you

What Kind of angel are you?(pics)
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You are a creature of the night. a Vampire!
CONGRATULATIONS! you rock! you lirk in the
night protected by the dark!
become what you are--->

are you a vampire or a angle?!
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Dead Leaves
Believe it or not, dead leaves resemble saddness
(and of course it can be counted as a flower!
hmph!). But you've been hurt and probably have
been injured in some mental

way that leaves sadness behind in your heart. But
thinking everything over, you have to realize
the world isn't that bad. There's a time where
everyone's felt the same way, but you have to

be strong and forget about it. Lift your head up
and smile.

What kind of flower do you resemble? (for girls w/ anime pics!)
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Darkness. You can control the dark and evil. You
love darkness!

What is your Spiritual Power? (Girls only!!)
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Your bikini...your just right not to sluty not to
boring the world needs more people like you

Whats your Underwear Type?
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